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    Alvantor 10'x10' Pop Up Gazebo, Instant Winter Bubble Tent Portable Outdoor Shelter

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    Innovative fiberglass ribs pop up in a second, no assembly needed. Upgraded plastic cover reinforces the strength & sturdiness of the frame. The patent pending folding technique is easy to fold down & carry. This super light portable pop-up gazebo is perfect for outdoor events. You can take it to rainy sporting events, you can camp out with family in the backyard and be able to star gaze, also you can use it as a convenient outdoor shelter when picnic with friends. Racking your brain for Valentine's Day gifts? Worry not! Check out this fresh and quirky idea to ace your gift game with a twist of fun!


    • Pop-up design. One person can easily install and fold down.
    • Portable and super lightweight for all outdoor activities
    • Super clear sides provide a 540-degree viewing
    • Fully enclosed keep warm in winter
    • Double-side zippers for easy entry and exit
    • Spacious interior shelter fits 4-6 adults
    • Sturdy and durable fiberglass structure
    • Additional top cover for extra sun and water protection
    • Carrying bag, Top Cover, Support poles, Stakes, Guy lines, and Sandbags include

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 46 reviews
    Dianicia R
    Return Fees OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

    I purchased this tent and wanted to return because one had been gifted to me. For an unopened package, they charged over $100 in fees, when the website clearly stated that if the box was unopened there would be a 10% restocking fee + shipping. I even offered to pay the shipping and they were still charging a ridiculous amount of fees. They even made me pay the 5% discount they were offering on their website to send the product back. The customer service here sucks and as a loyal customer with a picnic business. I will be taking my money elsewhere!

    Kim C.
    Better Than Expected! 2 Person Pop-up!

    I was looking for a shelter for an outdoor cat I take care.of. She refuses to come inside. One day I noticed that she was napping on a chair I put over to the back side of the houses, I wasn’t going to use anymore. She slept on that chair every day. I searched endlessly for some kind of tent and then I stumbled upon an advertisement on Amazon for this product. I went directly to the Manufacturer and there it was! So many options! The first one I purchased had a couple of accessories missing and the tie downs weren’t sewn at the bottom to hold the spikes but their customer service replaced the accessories with an entirely new tent! I sent the old one back. Anyway, I put the chair inside the tent, added an outdoor thermostat controlled heating pad under a seat cushion and that’s where she slept every night toasty warm and dry. I also have an outdoor camera focused on her chair so I can see her when she’s in the chair. Best invention ever! Outstanding Customer Service! Easy Peezy to assemble. I’m buying another for the bench she naps on and I’m buying the 10x10 for my deck so I can stay out in all kinds of weather! Thank you Avantor!

    Enjoying my deck in 39 F (4 C) weather.

    Second time using my Alvantor 10’x10’ bubble tent, couldn’t use it much earlier due to unseasonably cold weather and excessive snow. Took my tent out when it was 39 F (4 C) used a heater to warm up the tent. I receive sunshine on my deck for only for a couple of hours. Warmed up my tent then turned my heater off. Was comfortable, even had to open up a door to cool it off when the sun shone on my tent. The sun warmed up the tent even though it was a max of 46 F (8 C) outside. Had to turn off my iPad because the sun heated it up it shut it down. When the sun was mostly off my tent I turned my heater back on. I am a 53 yr old 5’3” (160 cm) out of shape and overweight female and I was able to put up and take down the tent without too much trouble. The tent rods I suggest putting them in the pockets and then inserting the middle sections together while pulling the rods to the side to assemble. To take the rods down I suggest pulling the rods to the side and take the ends out of the pocket then pull them apart in their middle sections. The youtube videos to help open and close the bubble tents are useful. It would have been too cold to enjoy my deck for too long without the bubble tent. Love my bubble tent!

    James P.

    Great product

    Tim V.
    Outstanding product that allows you to enjoy the outdoors in all seasons.

    Have a wonderful deck on top of my downtown condominium in downtown Chicago. Frustrated that it was only a one season deck until I bought this product. I was able to easily attach this to my decking using small pieces of rope tied around the planks of my deck and connected to the eyelets at the bottom of this wonderful tent using carabiner hooks. I hang 10 pounds of sand in each of the six corners and occasionally use the upper tiedown ropes on a windy day. I have sat out in my tent in strong winds and even rain storms without any issue. Tonight it was 45° and with my small propane heater set on low I was able to have the temperature 75 within five minutes. I have used it when the temperatures are in the teens with my heater set at medium with the same results. Extremely sturdy with good ventilation with the upper windows open I am able to easily enjoy a cigar without any problems in air quality. I purchased the tarp that is cut to the correct size so that the flooring remains clean and dry and I am considering in adding a piece of carpet cut to fit to make it even more comfy. Super easy to put up and take down taking me less than 15 minutes for both. That time includes bringing in my chairs, my heater, my radio and my dogs bed. Highly recommended.