Gift Card Redemption

Please use this page as a guide to redeem the gift card offer you may have received with your delivery!

As we try to manage and delegate our customer service calls and emails, we hope this guide will help those of you trying to reach out to redeem your special offer!

Please read below so you can learn the simple step-by-step process to redeeming your gift card and help us expedite this process for you!

We are sorry that the gift card is only used for the order placed from our Amazon store. As for our apologize, we are willing to provide the same amount of discount or the match 
Accessories for free.

Facebook is required to redeem if you purchased from

Step 1- Like Our page

Go to our Facebook Page and leave us a like!:

Step 2- Recommend Our Page

Share your Experience with Alvantor! Recommend our page and let other consumers know how Alvantor has helped you and your family.

Step 3- Make Us a Video

We are always looking for amazing videos to let our customers make a more informed decision when thinking of purchasing our products. Send us a video via email between 20-45 seconds long and let us know your favorite part of your new Alvantor tent!*

Step 4- Send it all in!

After you finish steps 1-3, you are finally eligible to recieve your gift! To thank you for your time and effort, please email with a screenshot of your recommendation on our facebook page and the video* you recorded for step 3. We will then promptly reply to you with your gift card that you can then use on a future purchase!

*By sending the video, you are granting Alvantor a limited, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty free, perpetual and irrevocable right and license to use the content for the purpose of marketing on the Social Media accounts own, controlled or licensed by Alvantor, as well as such third party digital and print platforms as Alvantor may elect in its sole discretion