Privacy Pop Up Bed Tent, A Sleep Sanctuary for Autistic Child



The Alvantor pop up tent gives a sense of security in your own bed when sleeping. Especially for autistic kids who can enjoy protection from the dark, closet monster and other scary things that come out at night. The enclosed privacy space created by the bed tent may be a healthier solution than running down to the all-night pharmacy for some sleeping pills. The bed canopy tent comes in four sizes, fits twin size bed, full size bed, queen size bed and even works on bunk bed. If you sensitive to sound and light, your child wants some privacy when share space with the annoying siblings, or maybe it's one of those days when you just finish your night shfit work and want to crawl back into the womb, then, like a lot of people, you may find the Alvantor Bed Tent an affordable, easy, a non-invasive solution.



  • Easy set up and take down;
  • Durable Fiberglass Frame,no collapsed, no bent, no leans off, no unstable;
  • Used with your existing mattress, no need attached to the bed frame;
  • Made with blockout fabric which is breathable and soft;
  • Easy to clean and machine washable;
  • Folds to a compact size for easy storage;
  • Hook inside for hanging lamp; Pocket inside, great for phones or storage;
  • Double sided zippers for easy opening and closing of windows and doors;
  • Available in four sizes,twin size, full size, queen size and bunk twin size;
  • Two gates on both sides, plus two meshed covered windows to control ventilation and light;

how you can use an alvantor privacy bed canopy tent

Alvantor pop up bed tent is the best christmas gift for your little one

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Customer Reviews

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Kate F.

Bought this for my daughter. She absolutely loves it! Sleeps so well with it. Couldn’t ask for anything better!

Kirstie moyer
great but could be better for the price

works as intended and is easy to put together but ive a few conplains...for the price there should be some other way to hold the flap up besides roll it and tie it through a small hoop with a small string...the Velcro is constantly catching on anything that im wearing when i pass it since it has no cover bit and you cant open the half flaps on the ends from the inside...only the if i wanna let air in i might as well just unzip the whole thing a bit instead of getting out unzipping it then getting back in.

Empty Carousels
Best sleep

I bought this because I currently sleep in the dining room and have people coming in and out of the area throughout the night. I was just hoping to block out the lights but didnt realize Id be getting the best sleep of my life. Its so cozy and comfortable. There are times when its too hot with all the sides closed up and there are times when its feels just right. If you have a slated platform bed it will be a little difficult keeping it in place but it doesnt change the effectiveness. I love my bed tent!

Diana Muzquiz
Privacy, no bugs.

So easy to install and my teenager loves it... so I ended up buying another one. They love it.

devon turner
Great solution for my sleep issues

Picked this tent up to give it a go since i work nights and sleep during the day. I need a very dark space to sleep well because i am rather sensitive to light, even a standard nightlight is too much for me when im trying to sleep. I tried blackout curtains but too much light got in around them. I thought this tent was rather silly at first but its fantastic. Even in the middle of the day with the tent and my curtains drawn its near pitch black inside the tent. On top of a noticeable increase in sleep quality i also find i absolutely love the feeling of my bed being its own isolated space. There is, for me, a sense of security having an enclosed space around me that i didn't expect. Its very roomy and with the multiple doors you can choose how open you want it to be or how closed off. All in all i absolutely love it and as an added bonus my pets do too. The cats have begun a coordinated effort to steal it from me and my dog is also trying to lay claim to it. Apparently we are all in agreement the "silly" tent is fantastic.