Light Weight Camping Tent

Regular Teal Size: 79"x 48"x 40":
Large Teal size: 86 x 59 x 46 inches, Regular Teal and Regular Blue Size: 79 x 48 x 40 inches
  • This Travel-Lite camping tent is perfect for people of all ages to enjoy a good time under this light tent! In this durable backpack tent, the family can relax.
  • This lightweight travel tent is perfect for airflow, keeping you cool and preventing insects from entering. If there is a shower, the window can also be covered with rain.
  • Setting up a tent is a quick and easy way to do it in minutes. This tent has a unique folding function that can be removed and stored anywhere. It folds into a portable carrying case.
  • The sturdy fiberglass frame supports the tent without worrying about collapse. We also include equity for maximum support and stability. Smooth materials can be easily cleaned.

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    Great tent, great value

    The perfect tent for one, it held up incredibly well during a torrential downpour. Those with more expensive, known brand tents were washed out. This held up against high winds and hours of rainfall. Lifesaver, great choice. Could not more highly recommend it.

    Great & affordable tent

    I have had this tent for 2 years now and recently misplaced the poles on a trip. I reached out to the company and they sent me an extra pair, free of charge. I use this tent for backpacking and it has served me well time over time! IF you are looking for an affordable and reliable tent, look no further!

    Didnt say "not waterproof"

    Didnt say waterproof or even Not waterproof.. but shouldnt any given tent be water resistant at least? its a tent.. meant to be literally outdoors. for a few days after our delivery it said in the listing "NOT WATERPROOF" and now its gone again. odd.


    Quick budget tent!!

    Brooklyn, NY - GM
    Best buy, great tent.

    This is a great buy. I was amazed wirh the space inside, its twice the size. I brought 3 tents for my neighbor's kids, its now there club house. This is quality and comfort at its best. Fits 3 adults, 6 to 7 kids.

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