Fake Website Report

Recently we have found several FAKE websites selling our Alvantor Screen House, Bubble Tent or other products with lower prices. The customers reported they paid but got no delivery. Here we state officially that Alvantor products are exclusive with copyright, trademark and patent protections. We only sell at same prices on our website www.alvantor.com and other formal retailer platforms like Amazon, Walmart, Sam's Club, Target, Lowe's, Wayfair, Ebay, Gordon Food Service, Stacksocial, Dailyvoice, Salon Marketplace. We Never authorize any other distributors or resellers. Please be sure to distinguish Alvantor branded products carefully before purchasing. 


Fake Website as following:

#1 encarguelo[.]com

#2 everymarket[.]com

#3 2daydeliver[.]com

#4 2outdoors[.]com

#5 eblairs[.]com

#6 outdoorcampingus[.]com

#7 paosdj[.]com

#8 sears[.]com

#9 thisiswhyimbroke[.]com

#10 ubuy[.]us

#11 yoybuy[.]com

We keep the right to sue any fake website who violate our brand and intellectual property rights. Please report to us if you find any fake website or other infringement.